Our firm may help Italian and foreign companies to hire, manage and reduce their workforce.

In a nutshell, we provide both labour legal assistance and payroll accounting services, from the start-up of your business in Italy.

Hiring framework

  • Employment contracts for blue and white collar workers and executives
  • Contracts of self- employment in the several ways allowed by the law
  • «Flexible» or innovative contracts: job on call, part-time, fixed-term, …
  • Agency contracts
  • Special clauses: non-competition agreements, confidentiality and non-disparaging, stability and minimum duration agreements, non-enticement clauses, clauses governing employee inventions, …

Managing the individual contracts…

  • Transfers, changes of the duties and other changes to the employment contract
  • Job posting
  • Assignment and revocation of benefits and business tool
  • Bonus and incentive plans
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Transfers of undertakings and business branches

Managing the work-force…

  • Drafting of company policies, including the use of IT tools and e- mail, company cars and other business tools
  • Drafting of petitions to public bodies for specific authorizations (for example, for the video surveillance equipment pursuant to Article 4 S.L.)
  • Drafting of the disciplinary code
  • Drafting of ethical codes

Dismissals and redundancies

  • Dismissals for cause ‣ Transactions and mutual agreement for resolutions of the employment contract
  • Individual redundancies
  • Collective lay-offs


  • Litigation in front of the Courts with employees and executives
  • Litigation in front of the Courts with self- employees and agents
  • Alternative dispute resolutions (ADR)

Payroll accounting

  • Registration of the start-up company or of the foreign company as an employer in Italy
  • Processing monthly salary statement (the “pay slips”)
  • Processing and delivering all yearly and monthly communications to the relevant bodies (UniEmens, CU, etc.)
  • F24 processing and transmission (for payment of employees withholding taxes and social security contributions)
  • and more …

EU and Extra-EU posting of workers

  • We may act as Company local representative in posting of workers to Italy from European countries and extra-EU countries
  • We may deliver the mandatory communications required for posting of workers to Italy